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Ray Of Light (ROL) is a research project on what is called realistic or physically based rendering. Physically based rendering follows the physical behaviour of light as closely as possible in an effort to predict what the final appearance of a design will be. The input data are geometry and physical material properties, and the output is an image from a given point of view. Realistic rendering techniques are usually called global illumination methods in opposition to early vizualisation and lighting techniques such as Phong shading that are local illumination techniques.

The software is distributed as is, under the GNU GPL.
You can download it in the Download Section.
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22/01/2004 : ROL scenes are now available in the Download Section.

21/01/2004 : ROL picture gallery is now open.

06/11/2003 : ROL is now a registered open source project at Source Forge. Source Forge provides many facilities for developers (CVS repository, bug tracking, etc.). Because this is a very recent news this web site will be kept alive for a while, but everything should be moved to Source Forge soon... You can access the lastest snapshot of ROL via its CVS repository.
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