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The Ray Of Light Core is a 3D global illumination engine entirely written in C++.

Acquired spectral radiometric quantities can be used efficiently and compactly with a sparse wavelet-based representation thanks to the Discrete Wavelet Transform Library (DWTL), which is part of the software.

Native 3D file format is an extension of the VRML 2.0 language created thanks to the VRML Modelling Library (VML), which is part of the software. New defined nodes include : distribution functions, 3D textures, 3D texture transform, participating media, bump mapping, and some new primitives.

Ray Of Light is based on a plugin approach that abstracts scene importers, exporters and renderers. Many plugins are already written : VRML importer, MGF importer (using the mgflib), standard ray tracer, path tracer, distributed ray tracer, photon mapping, light ray tracer, multi-pass ray tracer.

Basic 3D functionalities are coming from the MLCGA Library, which is part of the software.

Texture handling is done using the paintlib, libungif, libpng, libjpeg, and libtiff.

GUI is a FLTK interface based on the Interface Library that allows quick and easy GUI (Menu/Control/View) creation with FLTK in C++.

C++ STL under Microsoft Windows environment is STLport.

Although DWTL, VML, MLCGA, and Interface libraries are part of the Ray Of Light project, they can be used as stand-alone softwares. Other libraries are free softwares available on the web :

FLTK | MGFlib | paintlib | libungif | libpng | libjpeg | libtiff | STLport

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