The Ray Of Light development team is

Luc Claustres, Mathias Paulin

We are looking for people ! If you are interested in rendering and want to join the development team in order to correct bugs, add functionalities or improve existing ones, contact us.
At the moment, we are especialy interested in the following stuffs :
  Rendering Speed Optimization
  MGF Importer
  Participating Media
  Distribution Function Models
  Radiosity Kernel
  Wavelength Dependent Phenomena
  3DS Importer
  Implicit Formula Parser/Manager
  Stratified/Recursive pixel sampling
  CSG difference operator
  ROL user manual
  Core, DWTL, VML, Interface libraries developer manuals
Download the ROL project and look at the BUGS/TODO files for more informations.

The development team want to greet

Fabien Lavignotte, Yannick Boucher, Patrice Perez,
The Open Source Community and people who share knowledge

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